International Mathematics Physics And Computer Science Teachers and Trainers Olympiad

International Mathematics Physics And Computer Science Teachers Olympiad

Dear participants!

Nonprofit joint-stock company «National School of Physics and Math» and RSPC “Daryn” supported by Minister of Education and Science of the Republican of Kazakhstan conduct II International Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Teachers and Coaches Olympiad – IMPACT Olympiad (hereinafter – the contest) with aim to identify and encourage talented, creative and highly competent teachers and coaches.

The Contest will take place in Almaty (Republican of Kazakhstan) between 8- 12 January, 2020.

Teachers and trainers of Kazakhstan and foreign countries are invited. The Republican of Kazakhstan is presented by teachers and coaches who are recommended by local education departments as well as education departments of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Noncommercial JSC “NSPhM” and AEO “NIS”. Each team should have 3 members: 1 participant for each subject (Math, Physics and Computer Science) who should be able to speak any one of the three official languages: Kazakh, Russian or English.  Incomplete teams are allowed to participate. Participation in the contest is voluntary and anonymous. Each participant will be given a personal entry code through which participant can find out his/her result. Only the winners and awardees will be announced. The contest will be held at National School of Physics and Mathematics during the International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

Winners who got the 1st degree diploma could participate biennially.

The participation fee for each participant is $50 USD for foreign citizens and for citizens of Kazakhstan is 15 000 tenge while for team leaders of International Zhautykov Olympiad participation is free. Expenditure on food and accommodation in Almaty during the Olympiad is covered by participants themselves. Travel expenses should be covered by sending organization.

Please, complete the form for registration until the 15th December, 2019

The Organizing Committee covers the team expenditure on food and accommodation during the Olympiad period in Almaty. Travel expenditure is due to a guest country.  (in Russian)  (in Kazakh) (in English)

Program of IMPACT Olympiad:

08.01- Arrival and Registration of participants.

09.01- Registration.

           1600  – Opening Ceremony of IMPACT Olympiad.

10.01- Olympiad.

11.01- Seminar. Coordination. Closing

12.01-  Departure.

Address of Organizing Committee:

The Republican of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, Bukhar Zhyrau street 36, 

Nonprofit joint-stock company «National School of Physics and Math»

Tel. fax: +7-727-395-01-77, тел. +7-727-395-01-85, +7-727-395-01-83, +77051180291 


Website of IMPACT Olympiad: